bearing tool remover FAQS

QWhat is Low-Frequency Induction Heaters?

ATimken offers a large assortment of high-quality induction heaters designed for demanding industrial applications. They can heat and radially expand a wide variety of gears, rings, couplings, bearings and other components. Induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method. It is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths or blow torches. These methods cause fumes or oil waste and are not recommended for personal health and safety. Design Attributes: Produced in accordance with International (IEC) and European (CE) health and safety requirements Microprocessor controlled power supply Automated time and temperature control Automatic demagnetization Applications: Gear wheels Bushings Couplings Other components Details: Timken induction heaters use the principle of induction, similar to a transformer. The heater and yokes remain cool; only the work piece is heated. During the induction heating cycle, a certain degree of magnetism occurs. All Timken heaters demagnetize automatically after each heating cycle. Proper mounting may lengthen the life span of your equipment, and controlled induction heating helps to prevent unnecessary damage. Digital electronics provide optimum control during the heating process and automatically select the most efficient power supply to help ensure balanced and fast heating.

QWhat is Hydraulic Pullers?

ATimken carries a wide range of self-contained, portable hydraulic pulling systems that have capacities from 4 to 30 tons. They are ideal for removing all kinds of shaft-fitted parts. Hydraulic pullers are designed to help you extend bearing life in your applications through proper installation, removal and service. Our field support team is available to help you use the tools appropriately, as well as identify other Timken solutions that can help boost productivity and save money. Design Attributes: Integrated pump, cylinder, hose and puller with safety-release valve Compact design: The self-contained hydraulic pump and puller saves space Sets are supplied in handy carrying case Multi-purpose: Ideal for pulling a wide variety of press-fit parts including bearings, wheels, bushings, gears and pulleys The pump handle is able to rotate 360-degrees, providing flexibility to use the puller in the most convenient position Pullers can be used with two or three legs Available with accessories

QWhat is Mechanical Pullers?

AFor maintenance professionals looking for more economical options, Timken offers a line of simple-to-use mechanical pullers. Our mechanical pullers have a self-centering feature – making the process easier for you. Choosing the right type of mechanical puller depends on the required pulling force needed. Remember, the most important factor is safety. Because three-arm pullers distribute the pulling force better than two-arm pullers, three-arm pullers should be your first choice if there is enough room to use them.

QWhat is Impact Fitting Tools?

AProper mounting is essential to ensure long bearing life. Timken’s impact fitting tools are designed to facilitate safe, precise and quick mounting. Each kit features impact-resistant plastic collets. These help avoid metal-to-metal contact and the resulting shaft damage. During the mounting of bearings, where the faces lie in the same plane, the collets enable the load to be transmitted to the ring experiencing the interference fit. If the impact mounting tool is used, mounting forces are not transmitted via the rolling elements and damage to the raceways is avoided. Design Attributes: 33 collets ranging from 10 mm to 110 mm Three sleeves One impact hammer Applications: Bearings Bushings Sealing rings Cam wheels Pulleys